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Summary of tours and activities:

  • Canoe rides and swimming on the vast sandbars of the Napo River
  • Monkey & Bird watching
  • Make artisanal chocolate with the best Cocoa beans in the world
  • Explore primary forests as the conquerors did 500 years ago
  • Tour the Anaconda Island
  • Learn the traditional knowledge of an indigenous family
  • Visit a project to save endangered wildlife

The Napo Wildlife Region is one of the highest biodiverse places on Earth. This vast area was explored by the Spanish conquerors searching for “ El Dorado” ending up with the discovery of the Amazon River 500 years ago. Explore the Amazon Rainforest in the Napo province, over four exciting days at only 4 hours driving from Quito, the capital of Ecuador.

This part of the Ecuadorian Amazon is the most accessible and friendly area for travelers as well as home for the indigenous Kichwa culture not to mention the huge biodiversity of flora and fauna including 210 species of amphibians and reptiles, over 400 sp. of birds, 200 000 insects and 20 000 vascular plants. Discover the secrets of the jungle and the Amazonian people with us in a fantastic journey full of fun and joy.

All our packages include accommodation, three meals per day ( breakfast, lunch and dinner ), activities, guidance, tours.



3 Days – 2 Nights Program 
Rate – per person USD $
 Matrimonial, double or triple room  $ 236
 Quad up to sextuple room  $ 212
 Individual room  $ 284

*Kids under 12 years 35% off
*Open: all year round, every day. Restrictions may apply in some holidays.



Day 1:

13:00 hrs. Check-in

13:30 Lunch

14:30/17:00 – 17:30 Canoe ride tour and monkey watching: We will embark on a motorized canoe to explore the Majestic Napo and Arajuno rivers. The Napo is one of the main affluents of the Amazon River that flows through Iquitos in Perú besides Colombia and Brazil on the way to the Atlantic Ocean. This is the first taste of the jungle to appreciate the unique landscapes, birdwatch on the sides of the river searching for toucans, macaws and monkeys indeed!. In addition, there will be chances to take a dip in the river. (2-2.5 hours approx.)

After or before the tour be part of the traditional cuisine preparing artisanal chocolate at the lodge with a purpose: have the raw material ready to enjoy a delicious dessert elaborated by the kitchen staff. (45 minutes approx.)

19:30 Dinner

Day 2

08:00 Breakfast

09:30 / 12:00 Hiking in the Primary Forest: This is a hike with continous up and downhills throug primary forests. Your guide will explain about medicinal and mythical plants such as the famous ayahuasca know as “ the soul vine “ as well as the creatures that are part of this complex ecosystem. The forest homes giant Kapok Trees as wide as 200 sq. Feet, reaching 150 ft high, consequently, we might need 30 people with spread arms to circle it. Finally, we will get to a lookout to enjoy a wonderful view of the Napo and Arajuno rivers. (2-3 hours approx.)

13:30 Lunch

14:30 Anaconda Island:We will take the motor boat for a short ride to the island located in between the Napo and Arajuno rivers where some Kichwa indigenous families live. Once there, learn about their customs and traditions, don´t miss out to try the local food and drinks too. ’Chicha’, consider the local brew, if fermented 3 days, is made of yuca, an amazonian tuber wide spread within the amazonian tribes. Fresh made, is a good source of carbohidrates on the Kichwa diet. The local people will share the local skills while teaching how to use the blow pipes for hunting in the forest, finally, walk around the island searching for hoatzins ( prehistoric looking birds) and caimans ( alligator related ) that inhabitant the swamps of the island. (2-3 hours approx.)

19:30 Dinner

Day 3

08:00 Breakfast

09:30 Visit the Project for animal rescue: Get involved in one of the most important and highly regarded conservation projects in the Ecuadorian Amazon visiting the Amazoonico Center. The entrance fee supports the maintenance and reintegration of the animals to their natural hábitat.Among the animals you will see we count on caimans, tapirs, ocelots, toucans, anacondas, macaws and several species of monkeys (2 hours approx.).

12:00 Check Out

Note: Itinerary schedules are approximate. Activities may be rescheduled or canceled according to weather conditions or other force majeure.


» Prior to the Trip: Advice and support for your trip to our lodge.

» Room, simple, double, matrimonial, family or group. The prices depend on the selection. (Let us know your preference at the time of registration)

» Full meals: Breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Tell us if you want a vegetarian, vegan or special diet at the time of registration. The program starts with lunch on the first day and ends with breakfast on the last day, or you can start with dinner on the first day and end with lunch on the last day.

» Canoe and lifeguard

» Rubber boots (sizes 34 to 45)

» Tours and activities according to itinerary

» Purified water, tea and coffee at no cost in the social area.

» Bilingual Local Guides: Spanish and Kichwa. * If you require a guide in another language or a translator, this has an additional cost ($10 per day, per group) and must be arranged beforehand. (See extra services)


» Flights

» Transfers to and from the city of Tena – Ahuano – Tena

» Tips

» Alcoholic drinks

» Entrance to the rescue center, US $ 4 per person.

» Any other service not mentioned in this program


» If a bilingual guide or a translator(Spanish/English) is necessary, please let us know your request in advance. There is an extra charge per day of USD $10 per bilingual guide applied to the group or individual that requires the service. This does not imply a private tour.

» In case of requiring a private tour in Spanish or English there is an extra charge of USD $60 per day applied to the group or individual that requires the service.

» Parking: Gaia offer a parking area in the lodge at no cost, in this case you need to cross the Napo River by ferry. Considering that sometimes the ferry could stop its service for different reasons (mechanical or weather conditions) is recommended to leave your car in the tourist parking area  in Punta del Ahuano (before the Napo River crossing); it is safe and guarded. The cost for this parking area is USD $10 per car, paid directly to the guard. Ask for instructions.

» Private and semi-private transfer to GAIA: The lodge can recommend and assist you to reserve or contract these transportation services to the lodge. It could be for different group sizes.  Ask for information as per your requirements.

» Laundry; if you need to wash and dry your clothes GAIA offer this service with a cost of USD $10 per bag up to 9 kg.

» WiFi, there is free internet access in the social areas.


All our facilities were built from ecological materials and sustainable construction methods. Our rooms are spacious and bright and are naturally climatized, with high ceilings and large windows.

Each of the cabins has a terrace, a space that complements the rooms and allows you to enjoy the views of the forest and the river, while enjoying the different sounds of nature.

Thinking of your comfort, all rooms have a large private bathroom with hot water; the windows are covered with screens, allowing insect-free ventilation; and each room has electric lighting, outlets, ceiling fan and mini fridge.

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All GAIA programs include three meals per day, breakfast lunch and dinner.

We offer an array of delicious dishes—a cuisine that includes traditional Amazonian recipes and flavors as well as national and international favorites. All meals are made with fresh ingredients, largely sourced from local communities in our area.

**Our kitchen staff can accommodate vegetarian preferences, as well as other dietary restrictions. Please let us know in advance.

During your stay at GAIA, you will always have access to complimentary purified drinking water, coffee and tea, available in the dining area.


Gaia is located on the southern bank of the Upper Napo River, 400 meters above sea level.

The average yearly temperature is 77°F (25°C). The area receives almost 200 inches of rain each year. The lowest rainfall occurs from November to January, and the highest occurs from April to July. June is typically the wettest month of the year.

Nighttime temperatures can be quite cool in comparison. In many areas, temperatures can fall to 50°F (10°C) and can feel cooler due to the frequent rainfall.

Bosque, mapa, recorrido,

Our programs are suitable for everybody that as fitness condition according to the programs and activities mentioned. Nevertheless, you need to know our lodge is located 40 meters above the river Napo, and a long steep path with steps to the river which we take very day.

If you have some restrictions to go up and down stairs, hiking or walking on uneven terrain, let as to know in advance.  We have alternative itineraries and the possibility to avoid the stairs if required.  If this is the case you need to contact us in advance, and extra charges may apply.


• Binoculars

• Flashlight and batteries (indispensable for each person)

• Camera

• Insect repellent

• Sunscreen (cream / glasses / hat or cap)

• Water bottle

• Lightweight pants and long-sleeved shirts for walks

• Shorts and shirts / blouses with short sleeves for the hotel and its surroundings

• Swimwear

• Comfortable shoes and extra cotton socks.

• Sneakers. In the lodge and the rooms, we only use socks, shoes or bare feet; not shoes.

• Rubber boots (only if your sizes is less than 34 or more than 44)

• Lightweight poncho or rain jacket

• Plastic covers to protect cameras and binoculars from rain.


In Ecuador our guests normally arrive from Quito, Baños, or Tena

You can travel to Gaia with a) public transportation,  b) shuttle service transportation (available from Quito), c) private transportation

a) By public bus

From Quito

Public buses from Quito to Tena depart every hour from the South Terminal “Quitumbe”. From Tena there are buses every hour to Punta del Ahuano.  In this point, you must cross the river by canoe (from one river side to the other, 1 minute) and travel an additional 10-15 minutes by taxi. The duration of this trip is approximately 5 hours in total.

* Travel time from downtown Quito to the South Terminal is 1 hour by public bus or 20 minutes by taxi.

From Baños

Public buses from Baños to Tena depart every hour from the bus terminal. From Tena, there are buses every hour to Punta del Ahuano. From here, you must cross the river by canoe (from one river bank to the other, 1 minute) and travel an additional 10-15 minutes by taxi. The duration of this trip is approximately 5 hours in total.

From Tena

Public buses from Tena to Punta del Ahuano depart every hour from the “Terminal de Autobuses de Centinela del Tena”.(It is a different terminal located three blocks from the main bus terminal, in the Ave. El chofer and Llanganates street) From here you must cross the river by canoe (from one river bank to the other, 1 minute) and travel from 10 to 15 minutes by taxi. The duration of this trip is approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes in total.

The last bus that leaves Tena to Punta del Ahuano is at 17:00. If you miss the last bus, you can still take a taxi from Tena to Punta del Ahuano.

Public transportation rates (US $):

• Quito to Tena by bus, US $ 8 approx.

• Baños to Tena by bus, US $ 6 approx.

• Tena to Punta del Ahuano by bus, US $ 1.5.

• Tena to Punta del Ahuano by taxi, US $ 15.

• Punta del Ahuano through the Napo River in a canoe, US $ 0.25

• Punta del Ahuano to GAIA by taxi, US $ 4-5

When you arrive at “Punta del Ahuano”, once you have crossed the Napo River, you will have to look for a van. You should ask about the Gaia Cabins or “Cabañas de Agustín” on the Ahuano – Campanacocha road. This will take about 15 minutes and will cost US $ 5 approx.

b) By shuttle or semi-private transport

The semi-private transport (shuttle) is available from Quito to Punta del Ahuano for US $ 30 each way. This includes the transfer from your hostel or hotel in Quito (not from the airport). A representative of GAIA will meet you at Punta del Ahuano and take you to GAIA Lodge.

Shuttle schedules

Monday to Friday:

Departures from Quito 05:00 and 17:00

Departures from Ahuano 03:45 and 15:45

Saturday and Sunday:

Departures from Quito 06:00 and 17:00

Departures from Ahuano 04:45 and 15:45

Let us know if you choose this option and we will help you with the reservation.

c) Private transfer

We can arrange a private transfer from Quito or from the airport “Mariscal Sucre” in Quito  to GAIA Lodge for $ 150, it can be arranged at any time, leaving maximum at 17:00 from Quito. The private car can carry up to 4 people. The journey lasts 4 hours approx.

Example: if there are four people in the group, the cost is $ 37.50 per person, if there is only one person, the price is $ 150

Let us know if you choose this option and we will help you with the reservation of the service.


To confirm a reservation, a 50% is required.  Payments can be made through PayPal or through a bank transfer in Ecuador or the United States.

Please indicate which is the most appropriate method of payment and we will send detailed information.


» Activities and tours may be canceled, replaced or modified due to weather conditions.

» The tours and activities are carried out in groups ( maximum size of 12 people, and an average of 5-6 people), led by a native or local guide in Spanish.

» In general, our guides are familiar with foreign non-Spanish speakers in their activity. That is, they have the ability to transmit their knowledge in the easiest and simplest way to people with basic knowledge of Spanish, without language proficiency being an inconvenience.

» If you require a bilingual guide or a private guide, see the extra services section.

» Check In / Out: In case of requiring the room outside the established times, the lodge must be notified in advance and this will depend on the availability. Additional charges may apply.

-The regular check-in time is 13:00

-The regular  check-out time is 12:00

It is possible to enter the hotel before check-in time: you can make use of the social areas of the lodge and wait comfortably until the room is available at 13:00 hours.

In the same way you can check out at regular times and deliver your room at 12:00, and stay in the social areas of the lodge if you require.

» Acceptance of risk

The Client acknowledges that the nature of the tour is adventurous and may involve personal risk.

Activities such as hiking, motorized canoe, boating, swimming, wood rafting, use of inner tubes, use of vines, fishing and climbing can cause personal injuries.

The Client hereby assumes all such risk and does hereby release GAIA Amazon Lodge, its owners, employees, agencies and representatives from all claims and causes of action arising from any damages or injuries or death resulting from these inherent risks.