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We Are

The sector of Ahuano in the Province of Napo was not a common place for travelers, because there were no roads, nor the easy connectivity that we find today; rather, it was an adventure to reach our EcoLodge, you had to spend hours on foot, avoiding hours of rain and thunder, added to the huge vegetation that covered the road.

In these places we discover a charming and magical place that is currently inhabited by monkeys, that we can see jump through the trees that surround GAIA, in addition to the many types of birds and reptiles in their most beautiful diversities. We discover here an unparalleled view of the Napo River, the largest and most important tributary of the Amazon River.

We discovered that life is born here, a place to meditate and connect with the essential ‘Nature’. We wanted to share this place with people from around the world, a sanctuary for those who want to find rest, relaxation, harmony and adventure in a unique and natural environment.

And we set ourselves with showing a different way of knowing the Amazon Rainforest, its people and culture. Gaia Eco Lodge is born here, a place that has merged with its surroundings, a place with minimal intervention, unique and cozy design, simple and elegant, in total harmony with all the nature that surrounds us.

7 years later, everything has changed: roads, connectivity and communications are easier. This today has allowed us to receive hundreds of visitors looking for a special place in the nature.

We are a team made up of young professionals in the areas of conservation environmentalism, engineers, publicists, wildlife experts, etc. In our EcoLodge the majority of the team is made up of Kichwa people, all bilingual who speak their native language and Spanish. In addition, the driving force that allows us to continue generating important ties is that of the Volunteers, who like the team in general, work in close collaboration with the local community of Ahuano.

Like you, WE ARE lovers of nature, of the simple things that accumulates experiences every day, allowing us to give a quality service in the Amazon jungle.

We want you to see with the Amazon with the same eyes with which we first saw this place, its animals and exuberant nature that continues to amaze us and that together we must protect.


Nature is Wise and has endowed us with certain mechanisms, instincts and impulses destined to survive and be happier. At the end of the day, for us this is the ultimate goal. All we will be, absolutely everything we carry out, aims to achieve happiness.


We promote intercultural experiences
– Connect continents
– Environmental awareness
– Spanish Programs in the Amazon Rainforest
– Ecotourism and conservation program

Respect for the culture and wisdom of its indigenous peoples
– Education of the local culture
– New energies and technology development
– Sustainable use of the natural resources of the Rainforest.

If you are looking for a Unique Place to contemplate Nature in the Ecuadorian Amazon, we will gladly advise you and help you plan your next adventure. Ask us, and look for us in our social networks.

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